August 15, 2016

Patient Perspective


What will your patients like most about their Nimbus PainPRO pump?

  • Barely as large as a smart phone, Nimbus is the newest, sleekest, most advanced infusion technology available to help your patients through their recovery after surgery.
  • The InfuMed smart display screen provides constant recognition the pump is running reassuring your patients are getting their medicine and working to keep them at ease.
  • The optional OnCall Demand Bolus offers patients personal control over their therapy to step up their analgesia lessening their reliance on opioid pain pills.
  • Activating the SmartStart delay timer sets the infusion to begin before the surgical block wears off saving hours of infusion for the end of their therapy when the medicine bag would otherwise have emptied.
    • Your patients remain in complete control during the delay period.
    • If the block wears off early the delay can be canceled instantly giving a bolus of medicine and then immediately starting their infusion.
  • SmartAlert “watchdog” features guard over their infusion to warn if a potential interruption is detected and in cases like an upstream or downstream occlusion, can automatically resume the infusion if the blockage is corrected requiring little or no patient involvement.
  • On board power to deliver up to 10 days of therapy without charging or changing the battery means therapies are simple and worry free.
  • When the infusion is complete the Nimbus PainPRO can easily be recycled supporting green initiatives.
  • And if at any time a question arises about the pump a 24/7 Patient Support Hotline is available to speak with someone on the phone without the need to call your office.