August 10, 2016

The Nimbus Experience

The Nimbus PainPRO is the newest most innovative ambulatory pump to enter the industry. Safe, sleek, and simple to use, Nimbus affords you the sophistication of a high-end electronic pump designed and priced to compete in the disposable pump market. Engineered to be everything you need and nothing that you don’t, set up can be as easy as rate, volume and run. Its smart capabilities and enhanced mobility create a comfortable, unobtrusive experience for patients recovering after surgery. Post-op analgesia has never been so seamless.

Nimbus™ PainPRO cutting-edge features:

SmartStart infusion delay: Setting the timer (≤ 24 hours) takes full advantage of the primary block before activating the infusion.

Programmed intermittent bolus protocols: Deliver “top off” dosing intended to optimize the spread of local anesthetic.

Patient Demand bolus settings: Provide patients personalized control over their pain at the press of a button.

Intelligent display screen: Offers constant visibility to the infusion status so patients can be confident their Nimbus pump is working properly.

SmartAlert “watchdog” system: Notifies of any potential interruption to therapy ensuring your patients stay ahead of their pain.

Electronically controlled linear peristaltic pumping mechanism: +/- 5% accuracy

One SKU: Minimizes inventory headaches & reduces supply costs with one pump that does it all.

  • Titratable basal flow rate: 0 – 14 mL/hr
  • Customizable reservoir volume: 10 – 1000 mL
  • Preconfigured Bolus Menu: Options for Patient Demand or Programmed Intermittent Bolus
  • Extended battery performance life: 240 hourscassette

Single wrapped sterile pump cassettes: Attach to any standard IV bag with minimal fill-training required for pharmacy or nursing.

Automatic Keypad lockout: Protects against unexpected changes to therapy.

Custom sized carrying pouches

Inpatient or Outpatient.  Reusable.  Recyclable.  Nimbus PainPRO is adaptable.