August 15, 2016

Team Perspective



A streamlined, well working continuous block program takes a team of skilled healthcare providers.  Why will your team prefer Nimbus PainPRO?

  • Nurses like that Nimbus is more like other electronic pumps they’re familiar with so makes their jobs easier and patients more comfortable.
    • The Nimbus PainPRO attaches to any standard IV bag reducing the effort required to train and perform specialized filling techniques.
    • Nimbus is easy to program and review confirming the therapy was entered safely.
    • Patient education is easy and reduces calls for unexpected nursing interventions.
    • The electronic interface is simple and gives patients greater control over their analgesia.
    • Patients rest more comfortably knowing the Patient Demand bolus is available to manage through peak periods of pain.
    • The informative display reassures them their Nimbus is operating properly.
    • The same Nimbus pump can be used to deliver any volume of medication up to 1000 mL so the process becomes consistent. And consistency creates confidence.
  • Pharmacy prefers Nimbus because filling an IV bag is easier than filling an elastomeric pump.
    • Eliminating the strain of filling elastomeric pumps eases the workload for an already overloaded pharmacy staff.
    • Reduced labor burden means more proactive work can be completed by your highly skilled Pharmacy team.
    • Special requests to fill an IV bag for add-on cases are easier to accommodate without interrupting pharmacy output.
    • Nimbus supports Joint Commission accreditation standards and USP <797> guidelines
  • Surgeons agree that Nimbus is specifically engineered to improve analgesic outcomes for their patients.
    • Advanced capabilities built into Nimbus optimize block efficacy and duration.
    • More effective analgesia can mean their patient is more aggressive in Physical Therapy.
    • Better relief from surgical pain allows patients to sleep better and be well rested.
    • A happier, well rested patient that recovers unencumbered by pain is more likely to express high satisfaction with their surgical experience.
  • Physical Therapy supports Nimbus because their patients are able to engage in rehabilitation exercises.
    • The Patient Demand Bolus may be the right amount of extra help for a patient to step up their pain relief using their Nimbus pump before turning to prescription pain medicine.
    • Less utilization of opioids means fewer episodes of nausea and vomiting during therapy.
    • After an aggressive activity session the PatientDemand Bolus can take the edge off a patients’ soreness to keep them active and alert without use of opioids.
  • Materials Management departments choose Nimbus because one pump can take the place of several competitor SKUs simplifying inventory headaches.