October 25, 2016

Press Release: October 23, 2016

InfuTronix, LLC Announces New Website Launch for Nimbus™ PainPRO

Providing customers with comprehensive product content and instructional information


NATICK, MA, October 23, 2016- InfuTronix, LLC, a global medical device manufacturer focused on developing the next generation ambulatory infusion pumps, is inviting visitors to explore the new website at www.nimbuspump.com for its NimbusTM PainPRO product.

With a brand new design and feel, InfuTronix’s website features innovation capabilities, a progressive user interface, and an efficient customer experience. Visitors are now able to make easier and more direct access to InfuTronix’s Nimbus™ PainPRO product information and educational content through online browsing. Additionally, they will find press releases, links to recent conferences and trade shows that Nimbus™ PainPRO will be featured on the new website. The website has also been designed to be compatible with most types of browsers and mobile devices, enabling a more convenient user experience for its visitors.

A streamlined, well working continuous block program takes a team of skilled healthcare providers, so we focused the new website to speak specifically to key stakeholders, each one an integral member of the clinical team, emphasizing what our customers are telling us about how the Nimbus PainPRO is improving the way they manage their patients,” according to John LaFratta, Director of Sales and Business Development for InfuTronix.

The NimbusTM PainPRO is a cutting-edge ambulatory infusion pump that provides patients with a safe, sleek, and simple infusion for superior analgesia. Being reusable or recyclable, Nimbus affords the sophistication of a high-end electronic pump designed and priced to compete in the disposable market. Its smart capabilities and enhanced mobility create a comfortable, seamless, and unobtrusive recuperation post-operative analgesia experience.

The new design of the website reflects InfuTronix’s commitment to developing medical technologies that increase patient safety and streamline clinical workflow and further its commitment to helping healthcare providers raise the bar on improved patient outcomes.


About InfuTronix, LLC

Infutronix is a leading infusion pump company that provides a portfolio of ambulatory infusion pump products designed to increase customer satisfaction and enhance patient safety in a cost effective solution. InfuTronix’s market focus is acute care pain management where there is a need for easy-to-use high-end electronic infusion pumps that have a high level of accuracy and flexibility for the unique needs of the ambulatory pump users. The mission of InfuTronix is to design forward-thinking devices that are capable of setting standards in the evolving pain management programs while understanding the current market needs. Infutronix is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit www.nimbuspump.com.