August 11, 2016



The Nimbus PainPRO is a feature-rich, highly customizable yet simple to use electronic ambulatory pain pump designed to give patients a personalized recovery after surgery.


Nimbus enhances your patients’ postoperative experience reducing their reliance on opioid pain killers enabling them to get out of bed sooner, engage more aggressively with physical therapy, sleep better, and potentially recuperate in the comfort of their own home.


Pre-Loaded infusion protocols make programming Nimbus simple while giving you advanced therapeutic options to customize the infusion specific to block types or patient expectations ensuring outcomes are optimized.


At the size and weight of a smart phone and having on board power to deliver up to 10 days of infusion without charging or changing the battery, Nimbus fits in a carrying case that can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist, allowing the patient to be comfortable and mobile as they engage in physical therapy and return to routine functionality in the days following surgery.


Inpatient. Outpatient.  Reusable.  Recyclable.  Adaptable to any post-surgical recovery program, the Nimbus PainPRO can do it!