August 15, 2016

Physician Perspective



What are your colleagues saying about the Nimbus PainPRO?

  • It’s the newest, sleekest, most advanced infusion device for regional analgesia. Technology has come a long way, shouldn’t the pain pump used in your practice?
  • SteadyDose ± 5% infusion accuracy ensures you and your patient’s sleep well knowing the infusion is running safely.
  • The InfuMed smart display screen gives patients constant reassurance their Nimbus PainPRO is running as expected. Gone are the unexpected calls in the middle of the night.
  • Experts agree some advanced blocks are volume dependent and harder to achieve running only a continuous low dose infusion. Activating a cutting-edge AutoBolus infusion may yield greater drug dispersion more efficiently bathe the target nerves.
  • AutoBolus “top off” doses may also extend the duration of therapy infusing a small volume of local anesthesia once every few hours compared to a continuous delivery hour after hour.
  • OnCall Demand bolus selections offer your patients personalized control over their pain management and are easy to activate from the preloaded bolus menu.
  • Setting a SmartStart delay timer to pause the infusion while the surgical block is in place isn’t only smart, it’s simple. Why not extend pain relief at the backend of the therapy when the reservoir volume is otherwise emptied? It’s so smart it’s brilliant and your patients will thank you.
  • Disposable.  Reusable.  Recyclable.   The choice is yours.  Nimbus is adaptable to any environment.

Never before has regional analgesia been this simple and flexible, yet so exceptionally powerful. Will you lead, or will you follow?