August 15, 2016

Administrator/Owner Perspective



The Nimbus PainPRO ambulatory pump is smartly designed to fit within your budget ensuring safe and accurate electronic infusions.  Nimbus was born to compete in the disposable pain pump market; then engineered to take the lead.

  • Strengthen your reputation-
    • Nimbus unveils the next generation of regional analgesia enabling more patients to recover safely, reliably and happily outside the hospital environment.
    • Sleek, simple, yet so very sophisticated. Technology has come a long way. Shouldn’t the pain pump you give your patients?
  • Cover more holes in your floor-
    • The on board power source delivers up to 240 hours of infusion without needing to charge or change batteries saving you dollars lost buying replacements.
    • One SKU in the system means fewer inventory headaches to manage.
    • Ever pay to place two elastomeric pumps on a patient because the first infusion ran empty? What if instead you replaced the IV bag and reused the same pump?  It’s just smart.
  • Streamline your workflow-
    • Can time spent in pharmacy filling pain balls be used more efficiently?
    • Is extra training and paperwork required before discharge because your inpatient pump and outpatient pump are different? Use Nimbus for both.
    • Inpatient. Outpatient. Reusable. Recyclable. Nimbus is Adaptable.
  • Invest to grow revenues-
    • Decreased reliance on opioids lowers exposure to costly side effects and adverse events returning a positive impact on satisfaction scores and efficiencies.
    • Increased patient outcomes and satisfaction mean higher HCHAPS scores and increased Repeats / Referrals.
    • Surviving under a value based payment model requires inefficiencies and variabilities be driven out of the system replaced by evidence based best practices.
    • Greater use of regional anesthesia/analgesia can immediately translate to your bottom line decreasing the burden on healthcare payers and providers alike.

Set your expectations higher demanding the best for your patients.  Is your pain pump vendor up to the challenge?  Call us today for a side by side comparison.